No.169 2017/12/29

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「幸福を得るためには、富・地位・才能・栄光・長寿・美貌を祈るべきではない。健全な身体に精神が健全であれ(英訳:the mind be sound in a sound body)と祈るべきだ。健全な精神とは、死の恐怖を乗り越え、天命は自然の祝福の内にあると心得て、いかなる苦しみをも耐え忍び、立腹を知らず、何も渇望せず、サルダナパール王の贅沢よりもヘラクレスの試練の方がよいと思える精神だ。必ず、善い行いによって平穏な人生への道が開ける。」

The proverb "A sound mind in a sound body" spreads in Japan in a sentence meaning "A sound mind dwells in a sound body". When I was little, I got hurt with this sentence because I was in poor health. Juvenalis, a poet in ancient Rome, didn't write so. He wrote, "To be happy, it is to be prayed that the mind be sound in a sound body." And he wrote what the sound mind is, and that it leads us to happiness. If I were now little, I could know the Juvenalis' teachings from the Internet and avoid getting hurt with the misunderstood proverb. However, I think I am happy with my life contributing to build this convenient environment rather than being given it. My mind must be sound.


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