No.164 2016/12/16


This article says that: The writer's father gave his railway car model to his son saying that he couldn't assemble it any more because he couldn't see small things because of aging. The writer said, so he wouldn't leave his enjoyment until retirement. What? Although I am 64 years old so have presbyopia, I have not given up my hobby of making an electronic device assembling small parts. I can see small things wearing off the glasses because I was shortsighted when I was young. If you had normal eyesight when you were young and now have presbyopia, you must be able to see clearly a book or a computer display with glasses of +2.5 diopters (40 cm) and see small things with glasses of +4 diopters (25 cm), unless you have glaucoma or serious cataract. Do people dislike to use glasses for presbyopia after aging in case they have not known inconvenience of using glasses? It is nonsense of you to give up your hobby because of presbyopia.


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