Self-introduction of the site owner

Name Asami Hideo ("Asami" is the surname, and "Hideo" is the given name.)
  • If you are an English speaker, pronounce my name as "Ah-sah-mee Hee-day-oh".
  • Si vous parlez français, prononcez mon nom comme "Assami Hidéo"; "s" est non-vocale, et "H" est aspirée comme celle en anglais.
  • Si habla español, pronuncie mi nombre como "Asami Jideo".
  • Se vi estas esperantisto, prononcu mian nomon same kiel Esperanto.
Sex Male
Age Rather old
Job Writer (former information technology engineer)
Residence Yokohama, Japan
Location of the site equipment My home
Origin of the site name My favorite puppet character "Don Gabacho" in a Japanese TV puppet show in 1960's. "Gabacho" is a real Spanish word but sounds like Japanese.
Network services
  • Mail accounts of myself and my family.
  • Mailing lists for my friends and some research groups.
  • My personal website.